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Searching Genus for Saxifraga

A large genus of 300-370 species, including many natural hybrids and geographic varieties. Most garden sorts are small-leaved, hard and crusty, or moss-like, soft cushion and rosette-forming; also herbaceous, small perennials. Flowers are usually solitary, clustered or in floriferous panicles, racemes or cymes. Primarily mountain plants, so very tolerant of harsh winter conditions. The arctic species survive nearly to the permanent snow fields, others also thrive under high alpine conditions. Primary distribution is the cool temperate northern hemisphere.

SAXIFRAGA paniculata New Early Summer3171
15cm  Zone: 1
An arctic and alpine species widespread throughout Europe and North America. Leaves are fleshy, gray-green, forming hard, prostrate mats. Erect stems carry white flowers in early summer. Easy to cultivate and will form a sizable carpet of crowded rosettes quickly. Full sun to light shade.
Germination Instructions: Cold treatment required.
100 seeds  $4.00   

SAXIFRAGA rock garden mixSpring to Summer3173
5-10cm  Zone: 3
A mix of small saxes for the rock garden.
Germination Instructions: Cold treatment required.
100 seeds  $4.25   Sorry...Sold Out

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