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Searching Genus for Rudbeckia

Natives of North America with daisy-like flowers adorning the garden with bright colour from summer until frost, and beyond. Easy to grow. Sun or light shade in ordinary soil.

RUDBECKIA hirta (Gloriosa Daisy)Summer to Fall3089
30-60cm  Zone: 3
This variation on the black-eyed Susan is a hybrid developed in the 1930's, which resulted in stronger stems, larger flowers and richer colors. Now regarded as "old-fashioned", it was not actually introduced until 1957 by the Burpee Seed Company. Glorious but short-lived, they usually perpetuate by self sowing. Large flower heads in yellow, red, orange and bi-colours.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
50 seeds  $3.00   

RUDBECKIA trilobaSummer to Late Fall3096
Three-Lobed Coneflower60-90cm  Zone: 3
Much-branched plant with clear yellow flowers and a purplish-black raised disk. Tolerant of much more shade than most Rudbeckias (up to a half-day). A deserved replacement for the overused Goldsturm hybrids. Will flower from late summer to freeze up. Highly recommended.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
30 seeds  $3.75   

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