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Searching Genus for Panax

A small genus of perennials with tuberous roots native to North America and Asia. Two species are native to north eastern North America. Roots of the native Chinese species (Panax ginseng) have been used medicinally in China for centuries. As demand for ginseng roots in China began to exceed supply, export of this American species to China began to occur. American ginseng has unfortunately become endangered or extinct in the wild due to over-harvesting of its roots. American ginseng is now sometimes commercially grown for export.

PANAX quinquefolius (Moist Packed)Early Summer2511
American Ginseng30-45cm  Zone: 4
Native to eastern North America growing in fertile, damp well-drained soils in woods. The insignificant mildly-fragrant yellowish-green flowers appear in early summer over compound leaves. These are followed by red berries in late summer.

In 1988, ginseng was officially listed as "threatened" in Canada.

Our seed comes from garden grown plants and is in very limited quantities. Order early.
Germination Instructions: Seed has been moist packed since collection and requires cold treatment.
12 seeds  $6.00   Sorry...Sold Out

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