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Searching Genus for Paeonia

About 33 species of perennials and shrubs distributed in Asia, Europe and northwestern North America. Compound or laciniate foliage and large bowl-shaped flowers in spring and early summer. Very few species Paeonia are found in North American gardens, except Paeonia officinalis and its many hybrids. These beautiful plants can become the treasures of your garde

It is always a good idea to sow Paeonia seed as early as possible from the freshest possible seed. See all our other paeonia listings from this seasons fresh harvest under the general paeonia category.

PAEONIA obovata (Moist Packed)Summer2490
60cm  Zone: 3
A very choice species peony native to the mountains of China. Flowers a wonderful deep rosey-purple-red.
Germination Instructions: Seed germinates after a long period of warm and must then receive cold treatment before the emergence of the first leaf.
10 seeds  $5.00   Sorry...Sold Out

PAEONIA officinalis ssp. villosa (Moist Packed) New Summer2504
60cm  Zone: 4
This subspecies is native to France and Italy, growing in rocky places and thickets. The foliage is deeply cut, green and smooth above, paler and hairy underneath. Rich pink flowers in summer. Very limited.
10 seeds  $5.00   Sorry...Sold Out

PAEONIA peregrina (Moist Packed) New Summer2493
50cm  Zone: 5
Native to southern Europe, the Barkans and Turkey; first introduced into cultivation in 1583, and once known as the "red peony of Constantinople". A beautiful late-blooming species, with waxy, cup-shaped flowers of the purest red sporting a center of golden stamens. Attractive, deeply-cut, glossy foliage taking on red and yellow tones in the autumn. Much used historically in peony breeding. For sun to part shade in deep, fertile soil. Very limited.
Germination Instructions: Seed germinates after a long period of warm, then requiring cold treatment for first leaf emergence.
7 seeds  $5.00   Sorry...Sold Out

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