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Searching Genus for PHYTOLACCA

A genus of 25 species of striking foliage plants with massive, fleshy roots native to North America and Asia. Stems are often brightly colored. Leaves large, alternate and simple. Flowers in racemes, followed by showy berries. The fruits, usually juicy and dark red to black were once used for coloring red wine and candies. While fruit juices are edible, mature stems and leaves, seeds, and especially the massive root system are extremely poisonous. For any soil, in sun to part shade.

PHYTOLACCA americanaSummer2666
Pokeweed1-4m  Zone: 4
Native to North America, from New England to Quebec. A dramatic large specimen plant. Bold leaves, up to 30cm and dark maroon stems. Flowers hermaphroditic, white or pinkish. Produces clusters of showy purple berries in fall, turning black which look like shiny pearls, beloved by birds. The overall effect of the plant at the fruiting stage is wonderful, with the reddish stems contrasing beautifully with the berry clusters. Limited this year.
30 seeds  $4.00   

PHYTOLACCA americana 'Silberstein'2667
Variegated American Pokeweed
I quote Ellen Hornig of Seneca Hill Perennials "'s the American Pokeweed, dressed to kill, with creamy leaves speckled and flecked in green, in delightful contrast to the reddish stems - a truly amazing variegated plant, and VERY good-looking." Makes a wonderful specimen in the garden. For sun or semi-shade.
Germination Instructions: Cold treatment recommended.
25 seeds  $4.50   

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