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Searching Genus for PAULOWNIA

A genus of 17 deciduous trees native to east Asia with large, dramatic leaves and foxglove-like flowers in terminal panicles.

PAULOWNIA tomentosaSpring2563
9-10m  Zone: 6
The Foxglove Tree is well known for its showy groups of fragrant, pale violet or rich purple foxglove-like flowers that appear in spring, before the leaves emerge. The tree is symbolically connected to the Phoenix because of its ability to entirely regenerate from the root, even if lost to fire or other catastrophe. Because of this ability and the fact that the leaves are large and dramatic, gardeners can stool the plant and use it as a very dramatic accent in the garden. This we do here, even though the tree is not hardy for us, and the effect is wonderful. All growth is cut to the ground in spring and kept to a single shoot. This will be a "pseudo-trunk' a bamboo-like stem reaching 10-12' in a season, bearing the huge, handsome leaves (up to 3' across). Photograph:Leslie Mehrhoff
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
20 seeds  $4.00   

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