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Searching Genus for PAPAVER

50 species of annuals and perennials native to North America, Asia, Aurope, Australia and south Africa.

PAPAVER alpinum color mixSpring to Summer2515
30cm  Zone: 3
Tufts of compact silvery filigree foliage with large silky white, yellow and orange yellow-centered poppies in early spring continuing in bloom through summer, and often re-blooming in the fall.
Photograph: Cohan Fulford
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
30+ seeds  $3.75   Sorry...Sold Out

PAPAVER ex TajikistanSummer2543
30cm  Zone: 4
A small species originally collected in Tajikistan. Single petalled, yellow-centered poppies.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
50+ seeds  $3.00   

PAPAVER orientaleLate Spring to Early Summer2542
75cm  Zone: 3
Native to central and western Asia, this is one of the few perennial poppies, much hybridized into colour forms since the later 19th century. Large, satiny orange-red flowers (the original species colour) over a clump of hairy leaves, which disappear by late summer, re-emerging in fall.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
50 seeds  $3.00   

PAPAVER pilosumAll Season2520
60cm  Zone: 4
Native to the Olympus mountains. Branched flower stems bear salmony-orange single flowers from late spring through summer. Flowers first year. This may be known under various names, including P. atlanticum and P. lateritium. We are not absolutely certain we have the right name.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
100 seeds  $3.25   

PAPAVER popoviiSummer3733
12-45cm  Zone: 1
A narrow local endemic of the Baikal region of Russia growing on wet cliffs, coastal gravels and beach ridges. Orange flowers over pinnate, hairy foliage.
Photograph: Cohan Fulford
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
50 seeds  $3.75   

PAPAVER rhoeas Nikki's mixSummer2544
Corn Poppy 60-90cm
My friend Nikki is one of my oldest seed customers in the Maritimes and her garden is not only reminiscent of my former garden in Ontario in terms of the species that grow there, but also the health and exuberance of her plantings. Over the years, her corn poppies have turned into a large drift exhibiting wonderful variation. There are doubles, edged-in-white forms, scalloped-petals, pinks etc. This has been collected indiscriminately, so hopefully you will get a good selection.
Germination Instructions: Easy warm germinator. Best direct sown.
200+ seeds  $3.00   

PAPAVER somniferum (Pink-Double)Summer2523
Opium Poppy30-150cm
A beautiful double pink strain of opium poppy. Open pollinated.
Germination Instructions: Best sown direct where they are to grow.
50 seeds  $3.25   

PAPAVER somniferum (Lavender)Summer2532
The opium poppy in a lovely lavender. Open pollinated.
Germination Instructions: Direct sowing recommended.
100 seeds  $3.50   

PAPAVER somniferum (Red)Summer2524
Opium Poppy30-150cm/1-5'
Deep true red with a dark central blotch. Open pollinated.
Germination Instructions: Best direct sown where it is to grow.
100+ seeds  $3.00   

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