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Searching Genus for ONOPORDUM

About 25 species of mainly biennial, thistlelike plants, native to Europe, North Africa and Asia with large, prickly leaves and flower heads of purple, violet or white.

Most members of this genus have weed status in some parts of the world (most notably the Southern Hemisphere). Some cause problems for livestock if they ingest the prickly foliage. Please grow them conscientiously---deadheading so the seed does not escape the boundaries of your own garden.

ONOPORDUM acanthiumSummer2421
Scotch Thistle240cm  Zone: 3
I never cease being awe-struck by this plant in its flowering year; truly magnificent! It has a huge pure-silver presence more like a sculpture than a growing plant, with web-like silvery hairs on branching, architectural stems. Deep pink-purple thistle flowers. You will need thick gloves to clear away the carcass in the fall, but worth every prickle.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
20 seeds  $3.50   

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