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Searching Genus for Lobelia

Large genus of annuals and perennials preferring a rich, moist, spot in sun or the shaded garden.

LOBELIA cardinalisLate Summer2169
Cardinal Flower90-120cm  Zone: 2
Native to eastern and central North America. Reddish-purple stems and bright scarlet flowers in dense spikes. Although hardy to Zone 2, this plant will succumb if not provided sufficient moisture. Requires rich, damp soil in sun or part shade. Seed wild collected in Ontario.
Germination Instructions: GA-3 recommended for germination.
200+ seeds  $4.25   

LOBELIA dortmannaLate Summer3747
Water Lobelia70-200cm  Zone: 1
Native throughout Canada,growing in shallow water on sandy, peaty or rocky lakeshores, in pools, and in some kinds of wetlands. Above (usually submerged) linear leaves, erect racemes held above the water carry white, pink or blue flowers. Only a few packs.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator
50+ seeds  $4.25   Sorry...Sold Out

LOBELIA inflata New Summer2177
Indian tobacco30-60cm  Zone: 2/3
An annual wood-edge plant native to eastern North America. Spikes of small bluish-purple flowers over several weeks in mid-summer; followed by inflated seed pods. Seed wild collected in Ontario.
Germination Instructions: GA-3 recommended for easy, warm germination. Without it, cold treatment.
50 seeds  $4.00   

LOBELIA kalmiiMid to Late Summer2174
Brook, Kalm's Lobelia10-30cm  Zone: 2
A dainty small Lobelia which is an obligatory wetland species. This means it is only found in calcareous (limestone) swamps, fens, boggy meadows, pastures, and wet rock ledges by waterfalls. Its range extends throughout Canada, south to New Jersey and west to Iowa. The plant is delicate throughout; from its slender branching stems, tiny narrow leaves and beautiful small flowers. These are usually a rich pastel purple-blue. The blooms are white throated, attached to the stem by a long stalk, and arranged in loose racemes. Perfect for naturalizing in a damp to wet site. Seed wild collected in Ontario.
Germination Instructions: Requires GA-3 for germination.
500 seeds  $4.25   

LOBELIA siphiliticaLate Summer2171
Great Blue Lobelia45cm  Zone: 4
Native of the eastern USA, its common name refers to the plant's supposed power to cure syphilis. A stately plant, with gorgeous clear blue flowers.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
200+ seeds  $3.50   

LOBELIA siphilitica 'alba'Late Summer2173
60cm  Zone: 4
The lovely white flowered form of Blue Lobelia.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
200 seeds  $3.75   

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