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Attractive deciduous small trees native to North America with alternate, toothed leaves. Hanging clusters of delicate, pendulous flowers in spring. Best in deep, slightly acidic soil.

HALESIA tetraptera (caroliniana)Late Spring1759
Carolina Silverbell9-12m  Zone: 4
A wonderful North American native, growing as an understory tree on wooded slopes and along streambanks from West Virginia and south. Low-branched, with a broad, rounded crown. Bark is ridged and furrowed, gray to brown or black. Flowers are white, sometimes pale pink and bell shaped, flowering on year-old wood in pendulous clusters. They appear in early spring, before or with the leaves. Prefers an acid soil.
Germination Instructions: Cold treatment required.
7 Huge seeds  $4.25   Sorry...Sold Out


HASTINGSIA albaJune-July3735
White Rushlily40-90cm
A bulb native to northern California and southern Oregon, growing in open, rocky seepage areas with year-round water supply--bogs and wet meadows. These lily-relatives produce a spike of yellowish-white flowers from a grassy tuft.
Germination Instructions: Cold treatment required.
20 seeds  $4.00   

40 species mostly native to North America. Essential in the late summer garden for their abundant, long-lasting flowers. Strong, erect stems with solitary or clustered daisy flowers. Best in full sun and moist soil, but also tolerant of dry, poor conditions.

HELENIUM autumnaleEarly Fall1769
Helen's Flower120-150cm  Zone: 3
Native to most of the North America, growing in moist soil along streams, ponds, ditches, meadows and prairies. Yellow daisies with drooping ray florets flowering over a long period in autumn. Seed wild collected in Ontario.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
50 seeds  $3.50   

We are very interested in finding seed of daylily species, from wild origin. If you are able to help, please contact us.

HEMEROCALLIS exaltataMid Summer1815
120-150cm  Zone: 3
Native to Japan, this is a rarely offered tall and robust species. The thick flower stems can reach to 150cm and are branched near the end, holding large, 12cm flowers of a nice apricot-orange color. Sometimes listed as H. middendorffii var. exaltata
20 seeds  $4.25   

About 70 species of low-growing perennials native to mountains and woodlands of North America. Invaluable, long-lived plants that are distinguished by their foliage, long flowering period and durability. Alumroot forms dense mounds of round or kidney shaped leaves above which rise wiry stems of delicate flowers. Thrive in full sun or part shade in moist soil. A first class plant.

HEUCHERA americana 'Dale's Strain'Summer1823
60cm  Zone: 3
Plants exhibit wonderful variation on top of the medium green foliage, many with silver, bronze and pewter colouring, some with the addition of pink and purple tones. Long spikes of creamy coloured flowers.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
200+ seeds  $4.25   Sorry...Sold Out

HEUCHERA micrantha 'Palace Purple'Mid Summer1824
45cm  Zone: 4
Bronze-red maple-like leaves. A superb foliage plant selected by the RBG, Kew, with white flower sprays late in the season. Seedlings emerge green and turn purple as growth progresses.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
50 seeds  $3.50   


HIBISCUS aculeatusEarly Summer to Fall1836
Pinelands Mallow120cm
From the Plant Delights website: "This wonderful native from NC, south and west to Texas, is one of the lesser-known of our native mallows. Hibiscus aculeatus is found in upland bogs, roadside ditches, and coastal pinelands within the Southeast. Although it likes moist feet, we have had very good luck growing it in raised sandy berms with regular watering. The fuzzy 4' stems are clothed with lobed, okra-like leaves. From the leaf axils, plenty of 4-5" open, cone-shaped, light yellow flowers highlighted with a dark purple eye are produced from early summer until fall." Very limited.
Germination Instructions: Sandpapering of seed recommended.
15 seeds  $4.00   Sorry...Sold Out

We are very interested in finding seed of Hosta species of wild origin. If you can help, please contact us.

HOSTA venusta New Late Summer1853
10-12cm  Zone: 3
This small species is a wonderful stononiferous spreader, moving outward to cover the ground in short order. We use it as an edger in the woodland garden along with tiny Solomon's Seals. Mid-green foliage and lilac flowers in late summer.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
20 seeds  $4.25   


HOUSTONIA caerulea New Spring through Summer1862
Bluets, Quaker Ladies3-12cm  Zone: 3
I've always loved this tiny, spring blooming wildflower; but, until I lived in Nova Scotia I had never seen it in the wild. Although not uncommon in North America; seed is rarely offered, likely because it is a pain to collect. Small tufts of wiry foliage are topped by blue to white four-petalled flowers. In Nova Scotia they were happily naturalized on sun-baked slopes adjacent to highways. They will also grow in moister sites; full sun to light shade. Once established in the garden, allow them to self-sow and naturalize.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
20 seeds  $4.25   Sorry...Sold Out

HOUSTONIA longifolia New Late spring to mid-summer3776
Long-Leaved Bluet10-25cm
Native from Alberta east through Quebec, growing in poor, dry, often sandy, alkaline soil. Above a small rosette of basal foliage, clusters of pretty 4-petalled flowers over a long period. Well suited for the rock garden in full sun and sparse conditions; where it will happily self-sow.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
30+ seeds  $4.25   

23 deciduous or evergreen shrubs, small trees or climbers native to China, Japan, Himalayas and the Americas.

HYDRANGEA anomola var. petiolarisEarly Summer1868
10m or higher  Zone: 4
Native to Japan, Korea and Taiwan this is a deciduous, clinging climber, very showy in flower. Dark green foliage. Brown, peeling stems are furnished with aerial roots like those of ivy. It presses itself hard against its support, needing no additional framework to assist it in the upward climb. Suitable for shady walls, tree trunks, large stumps or as a spreading ground-cover. Although happy in shady places, it flowers more freely in sun. Flower-heads are beautiful "lacecaps", the small fertile white florets surrounded by large, showy bracts, so the effect is quite bold.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
30= seeds  $4.25   


HYLOTELPHIUM spectabileLate Summer/Fall1883
Showy Stonecrop45cm  Zone: 2
A well known old-fashioned succulent common in gardens. Star-shaped pink flowers are borne over a long period late in the season.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
100 seeds  $3.25   

300 species of perennials and shrubs mostly from the temperate and subtropical zone of the northern hemisphere with yellow flowers over a long period. Genus boasts a sizeable number of garden-worthy species; most of the easiest culture; growing in sun or shade in any soil and of all habits (erect, shrubby, prostrate). Easy to germinate and will flower the entire summer. One wonders, as did Foster, "not so much that there are so many but that they have not dominated the world?"

HYPERICUM androsaemum ex 'Albury Purple'Summer to Fall1892
60cm  Zone: 5
A small delicate shrub, native to Europe, north Africa, western Asia and the Caucasus, growing in hedges on damp woods. Flowering is over a very long period from summer into fall. Yellow flowers with conspicuous stamens are followed by red berries, turning black when ripe. This form has dark plum-purplish-green foliage.

Photograph: Cornell University.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
50 seeds  $4.00   

HYPERICUM kalmianum New Summer1890
Kalm's St. Johnswort90cm  Zone: 3
Native from western Ontario and Quebec south to New York and along the shores of the Great Lakes growing in rocky, sandy soil. A small, dense, little shrub with stout, erect stems forming a perfect mound. This is a handsome, hardy plant, with small, bluish-green summer foliage. The bright yellow flowers are a beautiful sight over a long 6-week flowering period from July to August. Seed wild collected in Ontario.
30 seeds  $4.25   

HYPERICUM olympicum uniflora (polyphyllum)Summer1891
15-20cm  Zone: 4
A small, upright branching species which roots at the base, forming a mat in time. Small, glossy green foliage and yellow flowers totally obscuring the foliage in summer. For the rock garden or as an edging in the border.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
30 seeds  $4.00   

Five species of aromatic perennials and subshrubs native from southern Europe to central Asia. One species is widely grown as an ornamental and medicinal herb. The name hyssop is from the Arabic "azob" (holy herb) from its use for cleaning sacred places. Very attractive to butterflies. Full sun. Well-drained, sandy soil.

HYSSOPUS officinalisSummer1898
Hyssop30-45cm  Zone: 3
Semi-evergreen or deciduous bushy plant, often forming a subshrub, with whorls of tubular blue flowers. Linear, aromatic leaves.
20 seeds  $3.25   

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