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Searching Genus for DIANTHUS

350 species of important and desirable garden plants. The genus name is from dios, the Greek "divine", and anthos for "flower". The hardy perennial species are generally low, mounded, evergreen plants with 5-petalled, often fragrant flowers in white, pink and red.

DIANTHUS arenariusEarly Summer1263
Sand Pink5cm  Zone: 1
Completely prostrate, mat-forming species with beautiful, needle-like tight, gray-green foliage. Fringed white, flowers in summer. Would grow happily in pure sand.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
100 seeds  $3.50   

DIANTHUS barbatusSummer1264
Sweet William30cm  Zone: 2
The popular biennial Sweet William has been grown in cottage gardens for hundreds of years. Lightly scented and in a colour range from white through pink, red to purplish-crimson, some varicoloured. Mass for ultimate charm. Long lasting and charming cut flower.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
100 seeds  $3.00   

DIANTHUS barbatus 'Sooty'All Season1281
Flowering the first year from seed, the fragrant blooms are a deep maroon above slender leaves which mature to a shimmering metallic mahogany. Flowers over a very long period.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
25 seeds  $3.25   

DIANTHUS deltoides 'Arctic Fire'Early Summer1284
10cm  Zone: 2
This form of D. deltoides has white blooms with a contrasting ring of fuschia around an interior of lighter pink. The foliage is dark green, turning purplish in the cool seasons. If deadheaded after bloom, may repeat bloom in autumn.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
50+ seeds  $3.50   

DIANTHUS ex Velvet 'n LaceJune-August3742
30cm  Zone: 3
A short lived perennials blooming over a long period from early summer to autumn. A highly fragrant clump forming plant with lance-shaped green to blue-green foliage and velvety purple to burgundy, almost black flowers with white ruffled edges.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator
20 seeds  $3.75   Sorry...Sold Out

DIANTHUS myrtinerviusSummer1282
Field Pink8-10cm  Zone: 4
Native to southern Europe, forming a mat of bright green foliage smothered by dark pink flowers with a darker ring in the center. For full sun in a well-drained spot.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
50 seeds  $3.75   

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