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Searching Genus for CHIMAPHILA

A small genus of 6 shrubby, evergreen perennials native to North America, Europe and eastern Asia with a creeping rootstock and whorled glossy foliage.

CHIMAPHILA umbellataSummer862
Pipsissewa15cm  Zone: 2
Native throughout most of North America, but not frequently encountered in our woods. An elegant native woodland plant in the Wintergreen family with evergreen, glossy, dark green lance-shaped and serrated foliage and alternate leaves (appearing whorled). Delicate waxy and nodding white or pink flowers in summer. The Cree name "pipsisikweu" means "it-breaks-into-small-pieces" , because it's leaves contain a substance that was thought to dissolve kidney stones. Seed wild collected in dry coniferous woods in Ontario, Canada.
Germination Instructions: There is no known method for germinating this species in an artificial setting. It is believed that a natural fungi found in its environment is required for sprouting. In the wild, this species grows in well-drained, dry woodlands, in acid conditions, wit
500 seeds  $4.25   

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